Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hey Math Genius'!

Here is a webquest to help you understand PROBABILITY! Make sure to read through ALL of the website. You will have to have the following written in your diary:

  1. A TITLE!

  2. Definitions of EXPERIMENT, OUTCOME, EVENT, and PROBABILITY (Create a chart like the one on the website.)

  3. Show the "formula" for the probability of an event (in the box with the BLUE headline)

  4. Choose ONE of the examples to be copied into your diary.

  5. Draw a picture to go with the example you choose. (example: Draw the spinner and include the different colors.)

You must also complete the 5 exercise problems at the bottom of the page. On a separate piece of paper write the question as well as the correct answer. This paper will be your ticket out. Work HARD! Be PROUD!

Your Teacher,

Miss Ellis

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