Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GET THE GOOF: November 30


  1. they forgot to put 3 because 15 divided by 5=3

  2. To find the answer, we need to multiply by 5 so what we do on the top we do on the bottom so 15x3=75. The answer is 75/100.

  3. The answer is wrong because you are not supposed to divied you are suppossed to multiply because you are going big to smallest.That is why the answer is wrong.
    table 1
    section 4

  4. its wrong beacuse 20 divided by 5 is 4 not 100 and on top goes the 3 because what ever you do to the bottom you do it to the top

    team 2 section 3

  5. the goof is that the denominator
    is suppose to be a 100. talbe4 section 3

  6. that you can divide it but that is not the answer

    team 6 secion3

  7. its wrong because you were suppose to multiply not divide so you can get your answer

    table - 2

    section - 2

  8. They divided on the numerator but they were supposed to multiply on both numerator and denominator.

    Answer.75/100 TABLE 5 SECTION 1

  9. The reason why its wrong is the were supposed to find the missing # so on the denominator theyb multiplied by 5 so the numerator should be the multiplied 5 but they didnt they divided 5 so the real answer is 75
    group 6 sec. 1