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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Morning Section 4!

This Monday meeting we will be talking about our goals for the upcoming third quarter. We want you to post some ACTION you will do to improve yourself academically.

Post your goal as a comment below. Some things to remember:

1. Make sure that you are honest with yourself. You will be the one effected by accomplishing this goal.

2. Make sure you are specific!

3. Make sure you are writing down an ACTION.

Here is an example of a goal that is acceptable:

"My goal is to ask two questions a week in math class so I can make sure I understand what we are learning."

Here is an example of a goal that is NOT acceptable:

"My goal is to study hard."


  1. my goal is to get better grades in social studies. i will do that by asking the teacher if i can move to another seat. that is my goal

  2. My goal is to improve on my home work and I can do that by doing it at home instead of in school.

  3. My goal is get my read level up by reading alot of books in different levels.

  4. my goal is to do better in evre class.

  5. My goal is to do better in reading edge and get to level 4 and how I am going to do it
    to pay attention to the teacher.

  6. my goal is to get my reading leval higher and I can do that by reading different kinds of levals.

  7. My goal is to succeed on every class to get a good adication and I am going to though this by paying attention

  8. My goal is succeed in communication arts and I am going to do this by not talking in the classroom.

  9. my goal is to do better in math by paying attention to the teacher(s).

  10. i love da fishes theyre fun to play with